Required Documentation for LIHEAP Assistance


Below is a checklist you can use to ensure you have all of the proper documentation when you come to apply for LIHEAP assistance.


  •  Income verification for everyone in the household for the previous month. Acceptable proof of income is weekly or bi-weekly pay stubs, SSI, Social Security Award letter, or unemployment verifications. If you receiveor child support, you must also bring proof of amount received, in the previous month. WE ARE NOT ABLE TO VERIFY ANY INCOME ONLINE (child support, TANF, etc.).  YOU MUST BRING PROOF WITH YOU!!! All income verification must come from its source. 

  •  Anyone living in the household that is age 18 or older, is not a full time student and has zero income must get a notarized verification of zero income form filled out PRIOR to your appointment time.

  •  Social Security cards for everyone in the household

  •  Picture ID of person applying for assistance

  •  If it is a second-party application, we will need a picture ID of the person making application on the household’s behalf.

  •  An up to date heating or coolingThe bill must be in the name of the head of household or spouse of head of household.  The only exception is if the bill is in the landlord’s name.  If it is in the landlord’s name, you must have a letter from the landlord stating the bill is in his or her name but you are responsible for the bill.  It must have the name, address and phone number of the landlord so we can call for verification.

  •  If your service is off, you will need a printout from the utility company, showing what isto have your services turned back on. 

  •  If you live in public housing, you will need to bring a copy of your leaseThe lease must show your utility allowance.

  •  If there are any children in the household that are not your biological children, you must show proof of custody.

  •  If your bill is past due and you are applying for Crisis LIHEAP assistance, you will also need to bring proof of a health related energy(Examples: signed Physicians statement, child under the age of 5 or an elderly person over the age of 60 living in the household.)

  •  If you need a deposit, your household must qualify for Crisis assistance. (Someone living inhome has a health condition that will be caused or aggravated by extreme heat or cold if an interruption of services occurs. Some exceptions will be considered for children five and under and those ages 60 and above.)