Governance of SEACAP

   Governance of SEACAP 


Southeast Alabama Community Action Partnership (SEACAP) is governed by a 15-person volunteer Board of Directors composed of citizens from the base counties served by it: Barbour, Coffee, Geneva, Henry, and Houston. The Board has 3 sectors with three representatives from each sector of the five-county area:

(1) Public: Chief elected officials – the Probate Judge or County Commission Chairman and the Mayor of the largest city in each county; (2) Private: Representatives from private organizations; and (3) Target: Representatives of the low-income elected by the low-income. This structure ensures that those who are being served have a direct voice and input in planning the services of SEACAP.



SEACAP Board of Directors  

ü John Woodham, Chairman: Barbour County

ü Rev. William A. Brown, 1st Vice Chairman: Houston County

ü Mr. William Cooper, 2nd Vice Chairman: Coffee County

ü Mr. James Durr, 3rd Vice Chairman: Henry County

ü Ms. Gloria Marks, Secretary: Geneva County

ü Mr. Scotty Johnson, Treasurer: Coffee County

ü Ms. Michele Andrews: Houston County

ü Dr. Mickey Baker: Henry County

ü Mr. Marcus Beacham: Barbour County

ü Mr. Zachary Smith: Houston County

ü Mr. Larry Greenwood: Coffee County

ü Mr. Rodwick Jackson: Henry County

ü Mr. James Moore: Geneva County

ü  Mr. Alex Moses: Barbour County